2021 Objectives

Maintaining the status quo is no longer a strategy for winning the reimbursement “game”. Wound/ulcer management professionals and providers must “raise their game” by making reimbursement “game plans” for their offices and/or their hospital-owned outpatient wound/ulcer management provider- based departments (PBDs) by: 

Incorporating new/revised codes into their “practices”
Refining business models to align with current payment “rules”
Using coverage policies as their “playbook”
Establishing internal audit programs to prevent “fumbles, interceptions, turnovers, and penalties”

In response to participants’ requests, the 13th year of Wound Clinic Business will help you “cross the goal line” with ”coaching” from Jo and Kathleen, by “practicing” interactive coding, payment, coverage, and auditing “plays”, and by  collaborating with other “team members” in attendance.  


Challenge your knowledge by engaging with the “coaches” to discuss “critical plays” for many situations. Come prepared to “learn and practice” and to leave with “skills” for “making touchdowns” and “scoring extra points” in your wound/ulcer management businesses. 

“Raise Your Game”

“Practice” using new and problematic old codes
“Score” by incorporating pertinent coverage policies into your “playbook”
“Win” by understanding the 2021 payment “rules” for your place of service
“Practice” with your internal “squad” to be “geared up” for payers’ audits